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Staff Development and Training

In-house Staff Training

A full-day course of six hours, which can be arranged on-site or at a location of your choice.

There is a selection of courses available;

  • CQC: Introduction to Compliance
  • CQC: From Good to Outstanding
  • Team Preparation for CQC Inspection

In-house Introduction to Compliance Training

The journey from good to outstanding - How can we continually strive for excellence!

Who should attend: Registered Managers, Compliance Leads, Nominated Individuals/Owners and Team Leaders.

This CQC compliance training will cover:

  • CQC Strategy
  • New assessment framework proposals and inspection process updates
  • An outline of the key characteristics of outstanding and emerging quality improvement trends and good practice
  • How we can use guidance, resources and technology to support the road to outstanding and to motivate the care team
  • The importance of meeting our equality objectives
  • How to improve culture, staff engagement and staff retention
  • How can we can evidence Outstanding practice
  • Reflective practice/break out sessions to share good practice

In-house Good to Outstanding Compliance Training

Who should attend: New and existing adult social care staff and other health/primary care staff who wish to know more about the CQC's role, recent developments and the inspection process. Care assistants, support workers, case managers and team leaders who would like a refresher on the importance of inspection.

This is an introduction to CQC compliance event with reflective practice discussions which covers:

  • An introduction to the CQC who are they and what do they do
  • Why inspections are important for safe care
  • The inspection assessment framework and proposed changes from mid-2023
  • CQC Strategy and key areas of importance/recent developments
  • An introduction to the five key questions and regulations, including some of the most breached regulations.
  • Good and poor examples of CQC compliance
  • Top tips for inspection success

Bitesize Webinar Training Courses

Inspired for Health offers interactive staff development and training webinars on the following topics:

Medicines' Management - Quality Improvement and Compliance

CQC - From Good to Outstanding

CQC - From Requires Improvement to Good; The Journey to Improvement

CQC - Introduction to Compliance

CQC - Well-Led, Lessons Learned and Quality Improvement (Good Governance)

CQC - Well Led: Service User Experience and Stake Holder Engagement

Each webinar lasts approximately 60 minutes and provides a bite-size condensed training session.

All of the training webinars encourage participation and allow time for questions and answers.

Private team sessions are also available for more personalised training with webinars tailored to meet the requirements of your team. These private team sessions can accommodate up to 30 attendees per session and can benefit from a discounted rate.

Cultural Reviews

How well do you know your team?

Are you confident they will showcase your service in a positive light during CQC inspection?

Are your staff happy?

How can you engage, motivate and empower them you improve care?

Through informal, fun & objective meetings and anonymous surveys, Inspired for Health can help your business to improve morale, care delivery and outcomes.

We are always aware that staff are your most important asset and we want them to have their voices heard and to feel valued. 

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