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CQC Compliance Reviews / Mock Inspections

Inspired for Health provide CQC Compliance Reviews (Mock Inspections) both onsite or virtual for providers that wish to obtain an independent and honest review of their services to facilitate quality improvement and adequately prepare for their inspection.

Each mock inspection is tailored to your service needs/concerns, with a focus on how you are currently complying with key CQC Regulations/Good Practice Areas. This is an ideal way to prepare for your CQC inspection.

Our recommended package is a day and a half, which includes a day either on site or virtually reviewing your service and half a day to write the report. You will receive your report within 72 hours of the inspection.

We will examine at least three high risk CQC regulation areas from the Health and Social Care Act (2008) (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 (part 3) (as amended) including;

•Regulation 9 – Person-Centred Care (Care Planning)

•Regulation 12 – Safe Care and Treatment (Medicines Management/Infection Prevention and Control)

•Regulation 17 – Good Governance (Well Led)

For services that wish to test themselves further, more areas/regulations can be examined as required. Our feedback includes; ideas for improvement, key priority areas to address, evidence of good/ outstanding practice and areas of concern. We can also support you with action planning, mentoring and further evidence testing to ensure that quality improvement progress is being maintained by your team. 

Inspired for Health's Mock CQC Inspections are designed to give you one to one, honest and supportive feedback and recommendations for improvement to help you towards achieving an outstanding CQC inspection.

Our experienced team can provide mock inspections lasting from one to three days as well as repeat visits on a 3, 6 or 12 month basis to ensure that you are consistently improving your quality of care and meeting CQC regulations.

We can discuss whether your service is meeting current Healthcare Regulations and the KLOE for your sector, and help you to recognise and celebrate areas of good and outstanding practice in your service.

For providers that wish to reduce the cost of a mock inspection, we also offer a one day review as detailed above. This includes verbal feedback on the day without a written report.

On-site CQC Compliance Reviews/Mock Inspections

Inspired for Health's on-site Mock CQC Inspection can assist with helping you to prepare for a CQC inspection, with an in-depth inspection with either one or two consultants.

During the day of our on-site mock inspections, walk arounds and observations, such as meal times and medication rounds, will be observed. Our on-site inspections can provide insight and feedback into getting things right by reviewing documents including care plans and their reviews, risk assessments, policies, visit reports, medications, incident / accident reports, and assessments.

As an additional part of our on-site mock inspection, phone calls to relatives for their feedback into the care a loved one is receiving can also be made.

Inspired for Health's on-site mock inspections can give more service-centred support than our virtual inspections.

Over the course of the inspection, we will have feedback sessions at regular intervals throughout the day to discuss our findings from the evidence examined.

Virtual CQC Compliance Reviews/Mock Inspections

A Virtual Mock CQC Inspection can assist with helping you to prepare for a CQC inspection, whilst saving you money on our travel costs accrued for an on-site visit. Our Virtual CQC Mock Inspections can be single or multiple consultant inspections, specifically tailored to your needs.

Our virtual inspections can provide insight and feedback to improve quality compliance. We examine and analyse evidence based on the CQC Regulations and Quality Statements. Evidence examined includes care/support plans, audits, team meetings, risk assessments, policies, medications management documentation, incident / accident reports. Access can be provided virtually through secure email or by us being set up as a temporary viewer/user, if you have a digital system in place.

The mock inspection includes environmental walk arounds and general observations including medication rounds (with consent) and key events such as at meal times through smart phones/iPad. The mock inspection can also include discussions via virtual meetings with key members of your team as required. Phone calls to relatives for their feedback into the care a loved one is receiving can also be added to the package.

Inspired for Health aims to give you everything you would expect from an onsite visit but covered remotely.

For our virtual mock inspections, we will have feedback sessions via Zoom at regular intervals throughout the day to discuss our findings from the evidence virtually examined.

Book your CQC Compliance Review/Mock Inspection

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