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Georgina, Nurse & Inspired for Health Weight Management Consultant.

Please see our Instagram posts for more information and motivation.

Introduction: Ever since I was a young adult I struggled with my weight. I wasted many years trying a variety of diets, some worked for a short time but I was hungry and tired all of the time. Being deprived of all 'goodies' didn't make me feel happy and I constantly had cravings for sweet foods.

My hectic lifestyle and sedentary office job made the weight hard to shift; I would lose a few pounds only to put it right back on. After my third child and an episode of ill health, my Doctor told me to lose weight, I was shocked as I didn't realise how much I had put on.

I did my research and devised an eating and exercise plan that I enjoyed which suited my busy lifestyle and still gave me the option of having the odd treat to satisfy my sweet tooth! I lost over three stone and felt fantastic. My niggling aches and back pain diminished and I felt confident, healthy and invigorated. Other family members and friends followed my plan and have improved their health. 

After informally advising a number of people on how to improve their nutritional intake and life style, I started a Weight Management Diploma to compliment the health and fitness knowledge I had gained as a Registered Nurse. I now support clients to find a weight management and exercise plan to suit them.

 I offer one-one support to help you:

  • Set achievable goals
  • Establish a healthy eating plan that suits your needs
  • Improve your fitness levels based on your lifestyle and health
  • Understand the common pit falls which can stall weight loss
  • Learn to shop in a healthier way to improve your and your family's eating habits (I can help you make positive changes, without having to give up chocolate)
  • Keep on track with regular telephone or Face-Time consultations
  • Stay motivated!

I look forward to inspiring you to feel healthy, confident and in control of your eating habits. Please contact me for further information on Instagram 


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