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CQC Compliance Training - Half Day Course

Who should attend: Adult Social Care Registered Managers, Owners, Deputy Managers, Nominated Individuals, Team Leaders and Quality Champions and Case Managers.

Presented by: Georgina Turner

Half Day: 9:30-13:30 (Including a short break)

This is a condense session with a maximum number of 10 attendees to allow effective discussion.

9:20am Log in and register

The sessions are as follows:

Well Led (Good Governance)

The session will examine:

Regulation 17- an outline of Good Governance to include;

The key lines of enquiry for Regulation 17 and how we can facilitate continuous quality improvement The importance of shared learning, quality champions, reflective practice and lessons learned. How can we strengthen our team meetings and reporting to enhance good practice

Examples of good and poor governance including top tips for inspection Topical areas on the CQC radar including any new guidance, research and current priorities.

From Good to Outstanding

How can we continually strive for excellence?

The webinar will discuss:

•An outline of the key characteristics of outstanding and emerging trends

•How we can use guidance, resources and technology to support the road to outstanding

•The importance of meeting equality objectives

•Staff engagement and retention

•How can we can evidence that we are outstanding to include examples from inspection reports and observations

An Overview of Medicines' Management

The interactive webinar discusses the CQC inspection process in relation to medicines management Regulation 12-Safe Care and Treatment. The session will:

Highlight the importance aspects of medicines management compliance including; training, guidance, documentation, MAR chart completion and policies that may be discussed and examined as part of the inspection process

Discuss what observations may take place and the importance of continued quality improvement

Provide examples of good and poor practice in medicines management.


A certificate of attendance will be provided.

Forthcoming Webinars

Friday 19 November


CQC Compliance Training - Half Day Course

Start Time: 9.30am


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